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What We Do We Make Getting A Good Credit Score Simple!

Welcome to the new and improved way to fix your credit score and report with the click of a button with “Reliant Credit Repair”. We developed an online platform designed to make getting your credit score back on track a breeze. Current credit repair options come with long-term contracts and 90+ days before you see results, well not anymore. With our platform you can ensure your credit report is free of false charges and allegations! “Reliant Credit Repair” allows you to take advantage of our simple process that gets results; don’t let your credit score hold you back another day and get started with Reliant Credit Repair today. We won’t quit until we see the results, we are committed to you and your score!

Our popular culture reinforces the idea that fixing your credit score and report is hard, time consuming and sometimes not worthwhile. We’re out to change that fallacious idea one “Reliant Credit Repair” client at a time! For as little as $49.95 gets a “Reliant Credit Repair” account started for an individual and can change their ideas about what they can accomplish for the rest of his or her life when they have the ability to get and keep a loan. Finding out your report can be fixed with ease will be life changing.

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Let’s Discuss the Problems

The biggest issue with having bad credit is all the ways that it affects your life, today and in the future:

  • High interest rates on your credit cards and loans
  • Credit and loan applications may not be approved
  • Difficulty getting approved for an apartment
  • Security deposits on utilities
  • You can’t get a cell phone contract
  • You might get denied for employment
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Calls from debt collectors
  • Difficulty starting your own business
  • Difficulty purchasing a car

Most people don’t even realize all the implications of a poor score. But not knowing is not the key, it is time to take control of your score.

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Let’s Discuss our Solutions

Thirty seven percent of people do not even know their own credit score even though it impacts so many parts of their life. – This fact prompted us to dig deeper into a solution. That is why we have direct access to the credit bureaus, ability to remove negative items from credit reports in the first 30 days, and we have an open door policy so our customers/clients can walk in and speak with us locally with plans to open more offices across the USA! We are making this taboo topic something that anyone can approach. This is where we started to envision “Reliant Credit Repair” and all the possible benefits we could bring to people:

  • Increased credit limits
  • Ability to get credit, home loans and car loans
  • Attractive mortgage rates
  • More negotiating power

So what are you waiting for?

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