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Repair & Learn

We understand that repairing your credit is one thing, but educating you on ways to establish better credit is very important to us! Therefore, we provide you with customized tools, and educational tactics that will help you maintain a healthy score!

Credit Monitoring &

Everyone likes to know what’s happening! That’s why we offer 24/7 monitoring service that keeps you aware of any changes or updates on your report! Healthy credit practices, create healthy credit habits! It is our goal to help you reach your credit goals!

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Who we are? We are Reliant.

Reliant credit repair is the leading credit repair company in the industry. Our success relies on guiding our clients through their journey to achieve the lifestyle they deserve. Here at reliant credit repair it is paramount that our clients are able to transform their past for a better financial future.
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  • One-on-One consultation with a Certified Reliant Fico professional
  • Cease and Desist Letters to Collection Agencies
  • Debt Validation letters to creditors
  • 24/7 access to your Client Portal
  • Goodwill Letters to creditors
  • Per-Deletion and Monthly Plans available

How It Works


Upon your free consultation, a credit repair specialist will pull your full report and analyze it carefully to identify all the errors and discrepancies. Once we have identified the inaccuracies we then find a plan that suits you and begin your journey to success.


During this step we utilize the laws put in place to protect the consumer, in order to challenge any inaccurate information that the bureaus may be reporting.


Throughout this journey we make sure you are equipped with the tools and platforms needed to stay in the loop and watch your score rise as we make adjustments to your report.